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Happy 65th Birthday Steve!

Dad had a great day on his birthday, Dec. 30th, surrounded by a small group of close friends. Steve enjoyed some cake and ice-cream on Sunday and really enjoyed seeing everyone. The group perused some old photos of Steve with family and friends, along with great stories that accompanied the photos. We were sure to provide him a booklet of the birthday wishes from the fundraiser site, that mom is reading to him over the next few days. The comments and stories are so uplifting, we cannot thank you enough. A big thank you to the Farabaugh Family (Steve coached their daughter) who donated a recumbent bike so that the funds can be used towards an occupational therapist – to get him moving, and the rising medical costs for Steve.

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Maria Thacker Goethe, MPH
Maria Thacker Goethe, MPH
Apr 17, 2018


Elaine Bramson (Thursday, January 24 13 06:32 pm EST) WOW reading the quote above brings tears to my eyes but it is so true. I think you have accomplished all of that! God bless you always Steve! Elaine and Ronnie Bramson

Marian (Tuesday, January 15 13 03:08 pm EST) Feliz cumpleanos-belated! Sounds like you had a great time, Steve! Abrazos--

Susan Katz (Tuesday, January 15 13 12:45 pm EST) Has there been any suggestion of doing a volunteer public health project in honor of Dr. Thacker?

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