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I Miss You Dad

So it has been a week since my dad passed. I can’t believe ht time fly’s sometimes.  Though we knew it was coming, when dad left us it was still a shock…nothing can prepare you for it.  The disease was so fast, so quickly took him from us, that it gave us no time to process anything as we cared for him.  I still don’t think we really are processing what has happened over the last 2 months and only time will give us that opportunity.

There are so many ways we all get our hearts broken throughout our lives but this one is one of the more painful.  For most of us, our father is the first man in our lives, the one us girls measure all other men up to and in my case I most certainly did.  Nothing will be able to fill this hole that I have.  I know it will heal over time and I will feel better.  I know life will go on as it always does, but a scar will remain.  I will always remember my dad and miss his hugs, humor and smile.

I look forward to sharing all the memories you all have given our family with my children one day.  Each day we are able to read your condolence messages or a warm memory about dad and it helps make things a little better.  It will be wonderful to look back on these when we need to remember him.  We thank you for this; each of your posts is like getting a hug or smile from him.  Keep them coming 🙂

We do hope you will be able to make the funeral.  It will be a Catholic mass but all are welcome to attend and we are making the service as comfortable for all faiths as possible.  After the service the family will receive guests at a reception to celebrate my dad’s life at the Retreat of Dunwoody, about 15 minutes from the church.  Again, all are welcome.  If you are not able to attend services Saturday, the family will also receive guests on Friday, March 8 at the old IHM church.

I sign off today with mixed emotions.  Sad because my father is no longer among us; grateful to a community that my father has brought together, though the circumstances may have been unfortunate; confused about how to go on living and not being able to share new experiences with dad or ask him for advice; and happy to know that everything will be OK in time.

Lots of virtual hugs and smiles to those out there who I know also miss him.

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Maria Thacker Goethe, MPH
Maria Thacker Goethe, MPH
Apr 17, 2018


Michela (Friday, March 01 13 02:44 am EST) Dear family, I write from Spain. During the first days of the Field Epidemiology Training Program I attended four years ago, the teachers give each of us an article of a great epidemiologist to read.

I was given "A method for evaluating systems of epidemiological surveillance" by Stephen B. Thacker. I was impressed by the clarity of his thought and his ability to explain things in a way even beginners like us could understand. Since, I read many of his articles and even if I don't know him personally, he was a great teacher for thousands of us in the world. Be proud of him. He will …

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