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Loss, Cards and Volunteering

Losing a loved one is part of life.  I know that; we all do.  But when it actually happens, even when you know it’s coming, it is one of the most heart-wrenching feelings.  There are so many things that you miss.  Seeing that person come around a corner, hugging them, learning from them, sharing your life with them, even arguing with them.  But….even though they are no longer here, life does go on.  That is one of the hardest things to grasp at first.  But this post isn’t about the 5 stages of grief…Lordy…I think when dad was diagnosed my family had no choice but to start rushing through that model anyway.  I think anger, depression and acceptance will be a struggle for some time.

What I did find since the funeral is that many of you have emailed and sent cards about how this experience has moved you to do something positive with your life.  (Don’t worry…I’m not naming names here.)  It gives us great joy that through this tragedy there is some hope or good that grows.  Two people have written saying that they have rekindled their relationship with an estranged parent after more than 6 years.  Others found a spiritual awakening which they had been seeking for some time.  While many other simply spent time visiting with or remembering a loved one they may have stopped seeing as often or forgotten to bring flowers to.  Finally there are those who have made donations to those in need, whether a financial donation or one of your time.

For this, I am going to call out the CDC EAP Office who was kind enough to send me a photo of their volunteer day with family at the Atlanta Community Food Bank (pictured right).  The ACFB has received many donations in dad’s name but volunteer time is always a very welcome thing too.  (I personally think it is much more rewarding than just writing a check.)  Thank you for the EAPO for doing this.  Dad is certainly all smiles for all the positive that has come from his passing.  I know that the Fund we have established in his name will also be put to good use – hope to have details on that soon.


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