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Open House Filled with Friends and Love

Orchid from Dr. Popovic in EIS colors, EIS ornament, USPHS Hispanic Advisory Committee Coin

This weekend we opened our doors to family friends and dad’s colleagues.  After last Tuesday’s event at the CDC we realized that there were many in the community who are really part of an extended family of sorts to us at the CDC and who may want to come sit with dad.  Arranging appointments is challenging so an open-house with a gap of time seemed a good idea.  When we decided to do this, we were not really sure what to expect, tons of people, nobody?  It was anybody’s guess.

Well, Saturday, came and so did the visitors and I am grateful to say that on both days, all visitors were kind, respectful, patient, and a real source of strength and joy for dad, mom, Gabbi and me.  It was wonderful to hear the stories about dad from the visitors of how they met him, how he impacted their lives, and how they will remember him.  It is this, how they will remember him and the fact that he will be remembered, that gives us strength.

So many said that their visit was more than expected.  Whether it was a smile, a nod, or a squeeze of a hand, they knew dad could hear them and understand that they were here to see him, and tell him a story or thank him in some way.

Dad is now resting from his rather eventful weekend.  I do believe it gave him a burst of energy to see so many people.  I hope that those who were able to come this weekend found their visit fulfilling in some way, whether it was to say thank you or goodbye.  There is a possibility that we will do this again for a day this upcoming weekend, but as always this is dependent on dad’s health as it is always changing.

And so to sign off today, I am going to let everyone know that dad gave a thumb’s up and a smile when asked about seeing everyone.  So thank you to those who could make it and we appreciate how lovely everyone was.


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