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Steve Thacker Bibliography Tribute – Wow he loved to write & read!

Well, we all know this but dad sure loves to read, write and research and who would know this better than the folks at the CDC Library.  According to Dr. Zaza who works with dad, he has always been one of CDC Library’s “power users” – love that term.

The librarians recently collected all of Steve’s publications into a Libguide (subject matter or person-specific collections) and posted it to the following link:

Dr. Zaza also states “The sheer volume of his life’s work is a testament to his intellectual contributions to pub

lic health.”  I would agree to that.  I would like to say thank you to the CDC Library staff and contractors Becky Satterthwaite, Steve Foote, Emily Weyant, Joe Bryce and Cate Canevari for creating an online tribute to my dad with all of his publications.  The family really appreciates you taking the time to put this together to showcase his work and legacy.  Your love and respect for him are appreciated and brought a smile to dads face.  Thank you a million times over.

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Maria Thacker Goethe, MPH
Maria Thacker Goethe, MPH

COMMENTS FROM OLD SITE: Amy Negozio on February 1, 2013 at 7:51 pm said: One thing that I always looked forward to as a child was a Christmas box arriving frm my cousins Steve, Luz and girls. I knew I could always look forward to a beautiful book that seemed to be the perfect one for me!! The years that I knew they would be visiting were always a special treat!!!!

Amanda Niskar (Monday, February 18 13 04:18 pm EST) I'm so grateful for this resource. I was actually referencing several of Steve's publications in a document at the moment of Steve's passing. He gives so much strength, always.

David Morens (Wednesday, February 06 13 02:53 pm EST) I met…

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